Notebook o Llibreta

Notebook o Llibreta is a collaborative publication which approaches the concept of “cities” –as a curatorial space– from very different commissioned points of view. People from variated creative fields contributed to the publication by writing an article, designing an interactive game, or by giving previous work, as photography series or research project.

In terms of shape, it is inspired by the travelling Michelin guidemaps, which were used to navigate around roads/cities, and also by the style of notebooks, as it works as a collection of many ideas, thoughts and reflections from variated people, all of them gathered within the same pages.

[145x270mm, 34 foldable pages, full colour, spiral bound]

Creative and art direction: Pau Geis
Contributions: Iker Luengo, Gina Guasch & Clara García, Erik Harley, Carlota Pérez and Octavi Serra
Editorial design: Pau Geis
Copywriting: Taylor Astley