Contemporary Hyloshapes

Contemporary Hyloshapes is about the study of the shape and the formalist qualities of contemporary sculpture which leads to the conception of an original typography –or sculptural language. It is comprised of an archive of 205 contemporary sculpture works by 34 different artists from Europe, Asia and Central and South America; commissioned written work, a typeface, and a series of computer-generated images, where letters ultimately become sculptures.

The project materialises in a book, including the full archive, curated in collaboration with Alberto Arribas, accompanied by comissioned texts written by Alberto Arribas and Isabel Pacheco, and translated by Clàudia Portabella. The book shows the transition process from volumetric shapes to typographic figures, a language that draws on the aesthetics of contemporary sculptural art, showing the final specimen. Ultimately, these two-dimension bodies turn into original sculptures through the computer-generated images by Ignasi Casas, recovering their objectual shape.

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Creative and art direction: Pau Geis
Curation: Alberto Arribas & Pau Geis
CGI artwork: Ignasi Casas
Writing: Alberto Arribas & Isabel Pacheco
Editorial and graphic design: Pau Geis
Translation: Clàudia Portabella
Copywriting: Taylor Astley, Lara Garcia & Alba Mármol
Artists’ contributions: Turbina Studio (Mateo Fumero and Minerva Capdevila) & Alexandra Errington

Escultura typeface
︎︎︎Typeface in .otf file on request via email