Greta tells the story of Greta Grossman, a Swedish industrial designer, through the history of nordic design.  As she grows up and becomes a woodworker, Second World War comes along and she takes advantage of the situation to produce and provide modern and affordable furniture to the affected countries.

The short film mixes fiction narrative, with based on real life facts, historical events, and product placement. All in all, the piece shows the history of nordic design through visual communication.

Writing and direction: Pau Geis
Production: Ashtray Production
Camera operators: Andrea Campillo and Guiu Gámiz
Cinematography: Andrea Campillo and Guiu Gámiz
Art Direction: Pau Geis
Editing: Andrea Campillo and Pau Geis
Sound and music: Lucas Puncernau and Guillem del Viejo
Off Voice: Arthur Bernstein
Stylism: Clara Garcia
Making of: Cecília Coca, Marta Garcia and Marina Salvador
Make up: Aitor Pérez and Paula Quera
Talent: Joan Palà, Queralt Geis, Júlia Balcells, Ariadna Font, Zuzi Do, Laia Martínez, Carlota Pérez, Andrea Campillo, Aitor Pérez, Júlia Junyent, Cecília Coca, Queralt Vilanova, Laia Soriano, Marina Salvador and Clara Moral.

BTS film shots by Andrea Campillo